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Need help? Anything wrong?

Anything wrong with your kit? We are here to help you. You can contact us at

Software crashed? Software is acting weird?

If this happened please have a look if you are running the latest software as the issue might already have been fixed. If there is a newer image available please perform a software update.

In case your software is recent (or your wrote us and we did not fix the issue in a newer version) please download the logfile and send that to us via mail.

  1. Enter service menu (open door and press ENTER twice)
  2. Select UTILITIES
  3. Select COPY LOGFILES and confirm
  4. Power down the machine and remove the SD card from the CPU
  5. Insert SD card into SD card reader (shipped with the kit) and connect the reader to your PC
  6. Download all game.log and game.log.x (x is incremented at every game start. game.log is the last log, game.log.0 the previous, game.log.1 one before that and so on).
  7. Send logfiles to us via email and we will help you. We might have more instructions/questions to pinpoint the issue if we cannot figure it out from the logfile alone.