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Software Updates

Software update is very simple and risk free.

How to update?

  1. (Optional) Check/Get your current software version at boot or at the status display of the CPU board.
  2. Power down your machine.
  3. Remove the SD card from the CPU board.
  4. Download the latest software version from software versions
  5. Download and install Etcher.
  6. Plug the SD card reader (included in kit) into a USB port on your computer
  7. Plug SD card (from step 2) into SD card reader
  8. Run Etcher. Select the file from step 3. Your SD card should be selected. IMPORTANT: Verify this is the correct device! Make sure this is not your hard drive or you might damage your operating system.
  9. Click on flash.
  10. Wait until the process completed. This might take a few minutes.
  11. Remove SD card from SD card reader.
  12. Insert SD card into CPU board.


  • You only need to install the latest update (no need to install any intermediates).
  • Upgrading your machine will reset any settings, audits and high scores.