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Software Versions


Please read our instructions on Software Updates on how to install an update.

Latest Version: 0.5.6


0.5.6 / 2022/12/22

  • fixed pin2dmd activation issue which happened in on of our batches

0.5.5 / 2022/08/26

  • code change for no lock action if fireball or LL lamp multi are running
  • yellow targets lamps are now visible during lightning mode secial effect
  • limit the EB with tiger loop, give a bonus point instead
  • replay tale no more available if a tale is running
  • jackpot quote is louder
  • add text infos at the end of shell game
  • more colors
  • change weak light GI instead of GI all dark
  • fix tilt crash

0.5.4 / 2022/08/05

  • fix display infos for ball save
  • fix a bug in bazaar to prevent the make a wish to launch
  • fix a bug to offer 2 times replay tale in make a wish
  • fix camel race progress issue and crash with the inner loop
  • fix lock ball release after 2 ball locked and another ball to hit lock3 switch
  • add delay after tilt

0.5.3 / 2022/08/01

  • fix replay tale
  • new colors for make a wish
  • new colors for lightning lamp anim
  • new color list for ball save
  • new color for shooting star activation
  • new colors for shoot reminder and match yellow for the golden shot
  • bolero will not be selectionable with setting off
  • ball save remove for shooting star
  • remove ball save at start at shooting phantom and * reduce the ball save time during drain to only 2s
  • check if the ball save is active to give the special
  • now an animation will play "REPLAY" award instead of "EXTRA BALL"
  • activate the loop magnet only when there is no lock ball
  • correction of a bug to give another EB when tournament or max EB reached in bazaar mode and make a wish
  • multiball save bug fix
  • remove ball save in Maze mode
  • no new ball save if one is running
  • change ball save in make a wish bonus from 30 and 60 to 10 and 15s
  • reduce default ball save timer for fireball multiball and LL multiball
  • coordonate the MB ball save values
  • remove "Bonus Tale Timer" setting
  • add new setting for the Shooting phantom: use random delay and another one to set up the delay manually
  • new Special Settings

0.5.2 / 2022/07/18

  • Fixed graphics errors
  • Better tilt logic
  • Fixed Harem multiball
  • Better fonts

0.5.1 / 2022/06/01

  • Bugfixes based on user reports

0.5.0 / 2022/05/04

  • Improved contrast
  • Changed default font for better readibility
  • Fixed some animations
  • Popup text with clear background
  • Improved defaults
  • Commas in score
  • Fixed crashes

0.4.4 / 2022/03/31

  • Another tilt issue
  • Fix crash in standard adjustments (due to bad defaults)
  • Better score readability
  • Sane brightness default for the RGB DMD

0.4.3 / 2022/03/29

  • Fix hang during tilt/slam tilt
  • Improve diverter handling
  • Fixes based on TPF feedback

0.4.2 / 2022/03/26

  • Fix Coil Test in Service Mode
  • Cooler Flasher Effects

0.4.1 / 2022/03/26

  • Firmware Update of FAST Controller to 2.05
  • Fixed potential overheating issue of diverter coil