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The Forgotten Tales

The Forgotten Tales

Tales of the Arabian Nights (tm) is a beautiful machine with an awesome playfield layout. It is a great machine and we love it. However, in our opinion, there is a bit of potential in the stock software for more challening and more modern gameplay. Since we like the machine so much we took up that challenge and developed The Forgotten Tales (tm) as a kit for your existing Totan.

What is it?

The Forgotten Tales (tm) replaces the original CPU and sound boards in the backbox. Additionally, the speaker panel is replaced with new artwork, new 2-way stereo speakers, 7 RGB inserts and a RGB DMD (based on the awesome Pin2DMD). Furthermore, there you get a new powerful subwoofer and an autoplunger. The new CPU and sound board (based on the great tilt!audio board) runs new software with 7 additional tales, 5 new multiballs, 2 new video modes and more. It plays new music and more callouts from the original voice actor in stereo via a modern sound card and two digital amplifiers.

On this page you will find information on how to get the kit? and how to install it?.